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Study Abroad options for International students

Research and Teaching Focus

Research and teaching are interdependent at the Romanisches Seminar. This entails that some of the professors’ specific research interests are directly reflected in the thematic modules of our Master’s programs (e.g. “Multilingualism” or “Types of media texts” for the M.A. Language and Communication or “Migrant Literature” and “Postcolonial Theory” for the M.A. Literature, Media and Culture in Modern Times).
At the Romanisches Seminar, research and teaching distinguish themselves by being embedded in cultural studies and by also covering aspects of media studies. A course about French and francophone languages and literatures, for example, would not only cast a look on France, Canada, Africa, etc. but also on different medial representations (e.g. book – theater piece – movie etc.; spoken vs. written language, language in the press, on TV, on the internet etc.). In addition to that, we always take into account both the productive and the receptive part of language and literature. In literary studies, the epochs since the 18th century are prioritized, although punctual references to premodernity are made. However, historical stages of development (e.g. of the romance languages) are included as well in order to assure the understanding of distinctive features of the current epoch (e.g. in order to recognize and describe the development of text types and media systems and language change phenomena).

For further details about research and teaching, please have a look at the websites of our two departments: Literary and Media Studies and Linguistics and Media Studies.

The Romanisches Seminar (as well as the whole Faculty of Humanities of the University of Mannheim) has already been opting for quite some time for interdisciplinary programs of study offering different levels of graduation. Our former Degree Program in a chosen philology with a special focus on economics, which is now continued in the B.A. Culture and Economics, was particularly innovative. From 2014 onwards, we also offer the B.A. Romance Languages, Literatures and Media, which has its focus on media and cultural studies. Our third basic program of studies is the teaching degree for secondary schools (French, Spanish, Italian). All the mentioned programs offer the possibility of participating in courses which are connected with other subjects of the Faculty of Humanities (English/American and Germanic Studies, Philosophy, Media and Communication. Romance languages can also be chosen as optional subjects in the context of the programs Business Education (B.A. and M.A.) and M.A. Business Administration/Management.
Since the fall semester 2009, the Faculty of Humanities has been offering three interdisciplinary M.A. programs for those who have already finished their B.A. studies in a romance language: the M.A. Language and Communication, the M.A. Modern Literature, Media and Culture, which is marked by a comparative approach, and the M.A. Culture and Economics.

For more details about the different programs, please compare them in the section "Studium”.